About Credit World….

Hello, my name is Keith Jenkins . I am the founder of Credit World. My company was featured on FOX News in a story about how to avoid credit repair scams. You can see my video at https://creditworldfinance.com.

I have personally helped countless people like you recover their Financial Identity. After reviewing thousands of credit reports I am convinced that:

Bad Credit Happens To Good People .

The top 3 reasons everyday people have bad credit are:

  • Job Loss or Temporary Income Disruption
  • Medical Bills
  • Family Problems or Divorce

Bad Credit Does Not Mean You Are a Bad Person

Many look at the credit report like it is your permanent record, like a rap sheet, as if falling behind on your bills is a crime.

It is NOT a crime to have bad credit.

Let’s face it. It can be very difficult to restore your financial identity after you have endured months of economic turmoil.

In addition, as soon as you fall a little bit behind, the creditors start with their ruthless collection efforts, their outrageous fees and their hardball tactics. They want the money, all the money, and they want it now.

For Many People, Credit Reports Are Hard To Read and Harder to Understand.

Often times your credit report is incomplete and confusing. You will find:

  • Partial account numbers.
  • Addresses to places you have never lived.
  • Accounts that don’t belong to you.
  • Names, Social Security numbers, inquiries that are not yours.

Some of this information is the result of mistakes or a clerical error made by an employee of a credit union or financial institution. Some may have been put there deliberately. No matter what the reason, this information is hurting your credit score. Until you fix this, you will be stuck in an endless cycle of high interest, high fees, and continual credit rejection.

I can help you:

·        Challenge negative info on your report

·        Deal effectively with collection agencies

·        Re-establish credit, get your payments reporting

·        Coach, help, educate, and guide, you through the credit restoration process

Some of my clients have had bad credit for 20 years. Many have never owned a home. Some have paid 18% interest on a car. I am sure their credit was worse than yours. I am on your side. Hundreds of people have come to my office convinced that their credit was the worst on earth. They believed that nothing could be done. I helped them. Now my clients are buying the house they deserve. They are getting decent interest rates and terms. If I can help them, I can help you.

Your Credit Report is Filled With “Mistakes”, Negative Items That Are Inaccurate, Can’t Be Verified, or Were Put There Intentionally

Some mistakes in credit records are the result of sloppy data management on the part of the credit bureau. Other errors are not the fault of the credit bureau at all. There are times when inaccurate negative credit items are intentionally reported. Any of the following events can cause an error in your credit report:   Identity theft

  • Variations in when credit data is received
  •   Confusion of your identity with that of another consumer
  •   Inaccurate reporting from a creditor
  •   Failure to show accounts as being closed
  •   Failure to show accounts that demonstrate a good payment history
  •   Deliberate reporting on false information by creditors and collection agencies
  •   Reporting the same negative item more than once
  •   Failing to report zero balance on paid negative accounts
  •   Discharged bankruptcy items that still report a negative, open status

Mistakes and Inaccuracies Are Common

These “mistakes,” as they are called, often times lower your credit score.

An error on your credit report can actually cost you money in the form of higher fees and interest rates on your loans and mortgages. Negative credit can even cost you a job. Over time, the cost of the higher interest rate can really add up. A mistake in your credit report could even cause you to be denied from receiving credit at all.

Have you ever noticed that these errors are never positive? Have your ever seen a mistake on your credit report that made your score higher? Why is that?

Because creditors and collection agencies and the credit bureaus profit from your bad credit–that is why it can be so difficult to recover from bad credit .

What If You Know That Your Negative Credit Did Happen? Can You Still Recover Your Credit Score?

The answer is YES! Just because you may have had difficulties with your bills in the past, that does not mean that every item on your credit report is accurate, verifiable, and in compliance with Federal Credit Reporting Regulations.

If you receive a traffic ticket, you can challenge that ticket. If there is no actual proof that you were speeding, the ticket is dropped. In the same way the creditors and collection agencies must be able to verify that the information reported to your credit report is both accurate and verifiable.

Also, a reputable credit rehabilitation company such as Credit World provides services far above and beyond simple Credit Repair. We can settle debts for a fraction of what you owe, help you re-establish your payment history with new lines of credit. We consult with you on an ongoing basis. We give you the credit help you need to fit your unique situation.

What About Those Credit Repair Scams?

Many quick fix Credit Repair Artists promise the world in 30 to 45 days. Big promises. No Results. Big Fees Upfront.

It only makes sense that if you have had credit trouble for 5,10 years or more that it may take some time to work through your credit issues. At Credit World, we will evaluate your credit challenges and give you realistic time frames for restoring your credit. It may take 4 to 6 months. Maybe up to 12. Whether we help you or you find another way to fix your credit, it is going to take time.

You have to understand that there is nothing that my company or any other credit services company can do for you that you can’t do for yourself given enough time, trial, and error. The real reason to hire Credit World is to avoid the wasting 40 to 80 hours of your time and to avoid experimenting on your credit.

Financial rehabilitation is my full time job. We have the expertise to guide you through your current situation and achieve your goal of creditworthiness faster and more efficiently than you can on your own. Hiring Credit World makes sense in the same way taking your car to an experienced mechanic. I will get the job done right as quickly as possible.

Credit World Is Here To Help You, Whether You Sign Up For The Service Or Not!

It is easy to make big promises. It is difficult to produce great results. Come into my office for a no-cost consultation. I will give you the real facts about your credit profile. Where you stand. What we can do to help you. A realistic plan. Most Credit Repair Artists will try to push you into a program before you have all of the facts. Not Credit World. I have built a reputation on producing real results for our clients. Those results happen because I make certain that you fully understand what your credit report says, what it means, and what can be done to fix it.

What  Next?

Come into my office. Meet me in person. Face to face. Get the facts you need, and your questions answered.

Call me @ 602-288-8828 now. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, in-person credit and financial profile review. We will download and print your free annual credit reports for you, detail your credit restoration options, and help find the solutions to get your credit house in order.

Call 602-288-8828. Don’t let your credit slip by any longer. This is important. This is for you.